Whisky Under £50 Review 13: Brig O'Perth 14 Year Old

Welcome to the 13th instalment of our regular Whisky Under Fifty reviews, where we review a different whisky (or whiskey) that you can buy for less than £50! If you’d like to know more about why we're doing this series, read our introduction post here. Today’s whisky is Brig O'Perth 14 Year Old, 125th Anniversary Blended Scotch

Brig O'Perth 125th Anniversary Blended Scotch

Brig O'Perth is an old, historic brand, revived for 2022. It was first blended and bottled by wine merchant and grocer Matthew Gloag & Son in 1896 as their “house blended Scotch”. It did rather well at the time, achieving local acclaim and became the whisky of choice for parties across the Scotland.

But, Brig O'Perth only released occasional bottlings during the last 50 years or so. That is until Keith Bonnington of The Whisky Cellar was able to buy the brand from Edrington Distillers. 

Fast forward to today, and Brig O'Perth ‘Special Anniversary Blend’ was bottled by The Whisky Cellar as a classic ‘Old Highland’ style Blended Scotch. It has a high malt content, a good sign of quality, and is aged for at least 14 years. The malt whiskies in this blend are drawn from a number of Highland distilleries, the very same distilleries from which Matthew Gloag would have selected his ‘house blend’ back in 1896.

Brig O'Perth 14 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky

At a retail price of around £45, this blended scotch fits comfortably under our £50 target. But, what does it taste like, I hear you ask? Let's get on to that next.

Brig O'Perth 14 Year Old Tasting Notes

Colour: Natural colour, bright gold. Legs run quickly down the side of my glass.

Nose: Honey, and honeydew melon. Redcurrants and black currants. Soft malt and new untanned leather. Cedarwood and gentle cinnamon.

Palate: Medium mouthfeel with a creamy texture. Lots of red fruits and berries, lightly dusted with soft brown cinnamon sugar. Fresh cream dotted with real vanilla. Milk chocolate orange. Well-integrated alcohol gives body without any alcohol burn.

Finish: A medium to long finish. Cream over red fruit and berries, a touch of savoury oak, ending with warming spice.

Get Brig O'Perth 14 Year Old here for £44.95.

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