Whisky Gifts for Father's Day

What’s the best Father’s Day gift for a whisky lover? A bottle of whisky, right? Sure, of course, you can get a bottle of whisky. But this year maybe try something different. So, we put together this list of the best whisky gifts for Father’s Day (that aren’t a bottle of whisky).

A Set of Glencairn Whisky Glasses

The Glencairn glass is whisky’s ‘official’ glass. At least it’s the definitive festival tasting glass and a modern design classic. Glencairn has the perfect combination of pleasing looks and nosing functionality.

If you know a whisky lover who doesn’t have a set of Glencairn glasses, you’ve got your gift sorted!

Find a range of Glencairn glasses here.

If you want to learn more about the world of whisky glass options, read our blog. We talked to whisky experts to get their opinions on the best whisky glasses.

A Set of Whisky Stones

Adding ice to whisky can be a divisive question. If you’re interested, this blog talks about the arguments for and against adding ice to your whisky. Whisky stones are a great compromise for people who want to cool down their whisky but don’t want to dilute the alcohol.

Whisky stones are made from rock, usually soapstone, or stainless steel. You freeze them and put them into a whisky tumbler. They do what you’d expect, they make the whisky cooler, but they don’t melt. They make a great gift and are a brilliant alternative to ice.

There are loads of different ones you can get at all kinds of price levels. Head over to Amazon, and you’ll find the ones right for your dad.

A Whisky Book

If your dad loves learning, then a whisky book is a fantastic option. We’ve got a separate blog that discusses our favourite whisky books. Any of these would be great Father’s Day gifts.

But if we could only give one, we’d pick The World Atlas of Whisky by Dave Broom. It’s a thorough source of information on roughly 200 distilleries around the world. The book excels in grouping their whiskies by flavour. It is a useful resource for both beginners and connoisseurs – a great way to discover new whiskies.

Get The World Atlas of Whisky here.

Chocolate to Pair with Whisky

Whisky and chocolate are two of the greatest things on earth. There’s no debate there. We also wrote a blog around Easter about pairing chocolate and whisky. So it’s no surprise that one of the best Father’s Day gifts you can get is chocolate that’s designed to pair with whisky. We recommend Iain Burnett, the Highland Chocolatier.

Iain’s whisky pairing luxury chocolates contain no alcohol or preservatives. But don’t let that put you off. Iain developed them in collaboration with some of Scotland’s best-known distilleries.

Visit The Highland Chocolatier.

Whisky and Honey Soap

Okay, we know this sounds crazy. But any father who likes whisky ought to like smelling like a delicious hot toddy, right? If that logic doesn’t seem too out-there to you, the Highland Soap Company has you covered. Their Whisky & Honey organic range has a distinctive, luxurious scent. It’s reminiscent of the finest oak-aged single malt with notes of heather honey, warming orange essential oil and skin-conditioning barley extract.

It’s worth checking out (if only so you’ll know we're not making it up). And your Mum will be grateful too!

Get Whisky and honey soap.

Whiskies Every Month

A membership with Dram Team is the perfect Father’s Day Gift. We curate out-of-the-ordinary whisky tastings and deliver them right to your door (or your dad’s door!).

Whether he’s a curious newcomer or a seasoned professional, we’re the best way to explore everything the world of whisky has to offer.

Give your dad the gift of whisky!

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