Indie Cask Strength Sibling Sippers, April 2024 Box

We combine three favourite Dram Team curation-classics in this this ABV-bomb of a box: Independent bottlings, cask strength releases and “Sibling Sippers”. Prepare for an unmatched array of pairings from four fabulous independent bottlers, all bottled straight from the cask without dilution, as nature intended. We heartily recommend having a water dropper on standby! A bombastic slàinte mhath. – The Dram Team

Indie Cask Strength Sibling Sippers, April 2024 Box

Dramfool, MacDuff 11 Year Old

We start our cask strength edition at a stonking ABV of nearly 65%. This oft-overlooked Speyside single malt is much loved by blenders, but here a full-maturation in Pedro Ximénez hogsheads showcases MacDuff's potential. On paper a beast, but in reality a silky smooth sherried masterpiece.

Tasting notes 

Nose: Fresh, malty and absolutely delightful. Raisin/prune notes evolve and complement the crisp sweetness of the malt. A disarming bouquet with a hint of marine freshness underpinning rich PX fruit.

Palate: Oak, plump sweet grapes, a malty crispness, and a flash of salted caramel. Sweet fruitiness comes alive alongside rich long aged sherry and oak notes.

Heroes & Heretics, Macduff 13 Year Old

Our second dram and our second MacDuff. Here, at a less bonkers ABV of 54% and with a more subtle sherry cask maturation, Heroes & Heretics present a more mellow take on the MacDuff spirit. We recommend exploring this alongside Dramfool's release, to compare and contrast, and see if you can spot the similarities and identify the differences.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Buttery biscuits and sea salt.

Palate: Raisins and butterscotch complemented by notes of chocolate and sea salt.

Finish: Lengthy finish of dried fruits, garden herbs, mild black pepper and spice.

Gleann Mòr Spirits, Glenallachie 14 Year Old

We stay in Speyside, but move to the "Glens", starting with a heavy-hitting 60%+ bottling of full-sherry-butt-matured Glenallachie. From Gleann Mòr's Rare Find series, this single cask release is a fantastic example of the distillery's malt at its very best. The sweet, grassy Speyside style has aged marvellously, and the high strength brings intense depths of flavour.

Tasting notes:

Nose:  Apricot, fudge and banana with sweet notes of butterscotch.

Palate: Warm, spicy oak with creamy vanilla and sherried dried fruits.

Finish: Long and creamy with notes of bitter chocolate.

That Boutique-y Whisky Co., Glentauchers 21 Year Old

Our second Glen and our first Boutique-y offering, Glentauchers is most usually deployed to great effect in a series of famous blends (Black & White, Ballantine's, Teachers). However, it is also a favourite of the indie bottling scene, and here we're spoilt with a 21 year old single malt.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Salted caramel, chocolate digestive and red apples, then morello cherry jam, nutty barley and a helping of fresh vanilla beans and oak chips.

Palate: Marmalade on brown toast with a little melted butter and dried fruit. Burnt sugar, citrus and a little garden herb emerge, with plenty of oak spice prickling away throughout.

Finish: Bread and butter pudding and a hint of struck match

That Boutique-y Whisky Co., Ledaig 17 Year Old

Our first peaty dram and next Boutique-y release takes us away from Speyside and off-shore to the Isle of Mull, and the town and distillery of Tobermory. Tobermory splits annual production evenly between its eponymous fruity, bright unpeated spirit and the heavily peated and increasingly popular Ledaig style, showcased fantastically in this 17 year old release.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Driftwood, roasted barley, cooked apple and sugary pastry.

Palate: Salted butter, seaweed, brown sugar, smoke, lemon zest and fizzy strawberry laces.

Finish: Earthy smoke lasts for minutes afterwards.

Dramfool, Port Charlotte 18 Year Old

Our second peaty beast sees indie Ileach-charmers Dramfool back to what they do best,  with a stunning Islay from the sought-after Bruichladdich distillery. Bruichladdich's peated spirit uses the Port Charlotte name, and is truly remarkable at cask strength.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Beautiful oak, peat & hints of Atlantic swells leading onto coastal flora & fauna. Little hints of juniper & pine drift by on a classic Islay marine overture all held in the warmth of a peat fire.

Palate: The texture of the spirit is beautiful, viscous & mellow. Melon & pear emerge held beautifully by the oak & peat smoke. Crisp malt sweetness works well with oak, delivering beautiful hints of bourbon spices.

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