Distillery Spotlight: Loch Lomond

It's very unusual for us to feature only one distillery in one of our monthly tasting boxes, because one of our core missions is to help people explore whisky. So you know that when we do, it's for a very good reason. If you're not already familiar with Loch Lomond Distillery, they have one of the most unique and complex distillery set-ups around. That gives them the ability to make whisky with huge variety of flavour and styles, unlike any other Scotch distillery.

So, we've chosen a selection of their whiskies (from their newly-refreshed range) that we think showcase the incredible flexibility and skill that these guys have in making whisky. Come with us, as we take a tour around the "Willy Wonkas of Whisky"!

October 2020 Box: Loch Lomond Distillery Edition

Perfectly Balanced: Aged 12 Years

With two types of malted barley (unpeated and gently peated), put through two different distillation methods (using a traditional pot still or a special straight-neck pot still), this whisky showcases the unique variety of production methods Loch Lomond has at its disposal. Their signature whisky, and a wonderfully balanced, fruity dram.

Tasting notes:

Crisp green apple, ripe pear and refreshing citrus lemon with background notes of golden cereal on the nose. On the palate, more orchard fruits and lemon meringue. The deep fruity character of pear lead into citrus lemon, vanilla meringue and light biscuit sweetness. Medium length finish with gentle wood smoke and a lingering peaty tang.

Fruity and Sweet: Inchmurrin Aged 12 Years

Unpeated malt from the uniquely shaped straight-neck stills is aged in bourbon, refill and recharred casks before being married together in a secret recipe. Named for the local island of Inchmurrin which is grassy, soft and wooded - just like this whisky. A fragrant delight.

Tasting notes:

Distinctively fruity with pear drops and toffee sweetness. Light notes of freshly cut hay in summer sun. Seville orange citrus notes build in intensity before mellowing into peach and apricot. The fruit character gives way to creamy fudge and vanilla. Medium length, peppery finish.

Smoke & Spice: Inchmoan Aged 12 Years

Loch Lomond Inchmoan Loch Lomond Smoke & Spice Inchmoan 12 Year Old peated single malt

Inchmoan means "island of peat", and was where Loch Lomond inhabitants of old sourced their peat. Varying levels of peated malts run through both traditional swan neck and straight neck pot stills to create this smoke-driven dram. A real treat for peat lovers!

Tasting notes:

Dry peat smoke with vanilla syrup and cracked black pepper. Sweet, medicinal peat and smoked bacon lead into roasted coffee bean with spice notes of clove and star anise. Warming spiciness combines with green apple and pear. Long, waxy peat with citrus hop note and gooseberry.

Fruit & Cinnamon: Aged 14 Years

Like the Inchmurrin 12, this is another unpeated malt distilled using the straight neck Loch Lomond stills that the distillery is famous for. But, this time it's aged in refill American oak casks, before being finished in Limousin (that's French oak!) casks for up to a year, adding warming spice.

Tasting notes:

Coconut, green apple and pear, cinnamon and clove spice, lemon on the nose. Leading to flavours of sweet toffee and vanilla fudge, grapefruit citrus, pineapple, toasted oak. Finishes long with warming oak spice of clove and aniseed.

Floral & Smoky: Peated Single Grain (100% Malted Barley)

Even though this peated whisky is called a single grain, it's actually made from 100% malted barley! Normally whisky made with only malted barley would be a single malt, but a quirk of Scotch whisky regulations means that name can't be used, as this liquid was distilled in Loch Lomond's continuous stills, not a traditional pot still. An exceptionally rare style of whisky and a unique tasting experience!

Tasting notes:

Green apple, vanilla, and blackcurrant meets sweet tangy peat, cloves, lime citrus, and aniseed. Crisp dry finish with distant peat smoke.

Loch Lomond Aged 21 Years

Loch Lomond Distillery's unique still set up allows for superior control over the flavours in their whisky. This very special dram uses three styles of spirit: two peated, and one unpeated, aged for over 21 years in a mix of American oak casks. The result is a rich, luxurious fruit-driven single malt whisky with just the perfect hint of peat smoke. A proper drop of delight!

Tasting notes: 

Toasted oak and coconut, green apple and ginger. Sweet vanilla fudge, peach and pear, lime juice with a touch of cinnamon spice. Long and dry with a wisp of peat smoke and lingering oak spice.

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