Around the world in 7 whisky producing countries

Our November whisky tasting set featured six world whiskies. While Scotch continues to be popular, there are so many interesting whiskies emerging from all around the world.

In this article, I thought I'd look at some of the more unusual examples. Countries you might not realise are making whisky, those you wouldn't expect. A trip around the world in 7 whisky-producing countries, if you will!


Whisky-lovers may, in fact, be familiar with Australian whiskies as there's a real boom in artisan distilleries. But, I wager it'll still be new news to many. There are some great drams coming out of Australia, check out some of Boutique-y Whisky's releases for examples.


The first whisky in Finland was distilled in 1981 at the Koskenkorva distillery in Ilmajoki. Since Koskenkorva made the first Finnish whisky, three further distilleries have started producing whiskies. 


Wine, yes. Cognac, yes. Brandy, yes. Whisky? Yes! France has been looking across the channel and has taken up whisky distilling too. Naturally, much smaller production than the first three beverages. But, it'll be interesting to watch our French cousins' progress.


Dutch whisky includes some delicious releases from brands including Zuidam and Millstone. And there are a range of whisky styles, from Rye to American oak finished expressions. There's something for everyone.

New Zealand

New Zealand has been flowing in the footsteps of its neighbour, Australia, and has started creating whisky. Cardrona Distillery is producing excellent single malts.


The Japanese whisky scene is now relatively well established. But the small island of Taiwan may be less well known. However, Kavalan in particular, has been producing excellent whiskies for many years now. Check out some of their sherry and port cask releases.


Australia, New Zealand, and now Tasmania. Just across the Bass Strait, 150 miles from the Australian mainland, Tasmania is making whisky too. The Tasmanian climate is similar to Scotland, which bodes well for its whiskies.

Happy exploring!

There's a world of whisky exploring to be done. Enjoy, and happy adventures!