Scotch Spectacular, August 2023

In this box, we enjoy an unusual selection of six drams demonstrating the exciting variety of Scotches available for enthusiasts to explore. Well-aged independent bottlings from famous distilleries, a small batch limited edition from a little-known gem, an anonymous Speysider, a beautifully smooth blended malt and an absolutely sumptuous sherry-bomb: this box has it all. Raise your glass to these spectacular Scotches. Sláinte! – The Dram Team

Scotch Spectacular, August 2023 Box

Gleann Mór Spirits, Bunnahabhain Aged 8 Years

Unusually for an Islay whisky, Bunnahabhain's signature spirit style is unpeated. That makes this peated independent bottling by the discerning folk at Gleann Mór Spirits an interesting (and tasty) foray away from the distillery's own releases - which is why we love indie bottlers. Young, peaty Bunnahabain tends to exhibit a pleasant oiliness and soft smoke. Enjoy exploring!

Tasting notes 

Nose: Soft gentle peat, hints of warming spices with some fruit and smoke on the nose.

Palate: Wonderfully smooth with sweet fruits, dates, candied pecans, cracked black pepper in the mouth.

Finish: A long, warm, peppery sweet smoke finish.

Whisky Row, Smooth and Sweet

Leith was once the beating heart of Edinburgh’s whisky district, with its 100 warehouses boasting the world’s largest stock of whisky. But when the industry and port declined, Leith’s many whisky-inspired street names vanished. Whisky Row aims to right that wrong, resurrecting exquisite flavours from a bygone era. Their range covers a spectrum of Scotch whisky flavours, and here we enjoy Smooth and Sweet: A marriage of flavourful Highland single malts producing a classically sweet and fruity experience.

Tasting notes:

This blended malt is creamy, sweet and waxy in character. The experience; caramel, vanilla, baked apple, soft spiced oak with a smooth toasty finish.

Edinburgh Whisky, Speyside 7 Year Old

Edinburgh Whisky's Discovery Collection showcases exceptional examples of Scotland’s regional malts from some of its most distinguished distilleries. Here we tuck into their anonymous Speyside core release. Boasting more than half of Scotland’s working distilleries, Speyside whiskies offer a variety of styles ranging from light and grassy to sumptuously rich, sweet and sherried after-dinner delights. Aged in a selection of refill bourbon barrels, here expect a stripped-back Speyside classic.

Tasting notes:

Fresh barley, vanilla cheesecake and orchard blossoms.

Wolfburn, Batch No. 155

Wolfburn Distillery's fourth small-batch release is their first whisky to have been matured in one type of cask and then finished in another. Named for the warehouse (No. 1) and cask location (row 55), this liquid was first matured for nearly five years in first-fill ex-bourbon barrels, before a six month finish in port hogsheads. The port influence adds a depth of sweet flavours and some serious colour to Wolfburn's smooth and rich style.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Rich, soft heather, notes of warm port wine aromas.

Palate: Wine aromas, bourbon, caramel, vanilla, hints of ginger, oak.

Finish: Long lasting, port wine, caramel, dried fruit.

The Darkness, Aged 8 Years

The Darkness range is all about sherry. In their own words, this bottling "starts as a powerful Speyside single malt chosen for its boldness and character. After 8 years, the spirit is deemed ready to begin its final transformation". We like their turn of phrase! Here, the transformation consists of no fewer than 6 months of extra maturation in sherry cask octaves - small casks leading to more sherry influence. Yum!

Tasting notes:

Nose: Candied orange peels, chocolate peanuts, cooking spice warmth and some dried cherry.

Palate: Amaretti biscuits, subtly toasty hints, powerful raisin and prune, just a touch of earthy oak lingers.

Finish: Slightly oily with a hint of smoke, though chocolatey hints persist.

Rare Find, Aberfeldy Aged 17 Years

A premium range from cracking indie Gleann Mór Spirits, their "Rare Find" label celebrates the rich heritage of Scotland's distilleries with some rather limited editions - in this case, just 185 bottles! Rare Find's Aberfeldy Aged 17 Years is drawn from a single bourbon hogshead and bottled at cask strength. It is a whopping demonstration of Aberfeldy's signature rich, honeyed and fruity spirit. A rare find and a rare treat - enjoy!

Tasting notes:

Nose: Honey, boiled sweets and orange zest.

Palate: Soft custard creams, poached pears and caramel.

Finish: Long with candied oranges, manuka honey and mellow oats.

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