What's in our boxes?

All our tasting sets come in a beautifully designed presentation box and contain:

  • Five 25ml samples of high-quality whisky
  • A bonus 12.5ml taster of a super-premium bottle
  • A set of cards with interesting facts and tasting notes for each whisky

Our whiskies are not ordinary whiskies, typically averaging £50 a bottle, with the special 12.5ml taster being £125+.

For any of our one-off boxes, you will get the specific whiskies listed in the product description.

For Tasting Club and gift subscription options, the first box will be one of our recent monthly editions, often our latest release (if it hasn't sold out!).

Generally, our boxes are Scotch-centric and focus on single malts, but we love to surprise and delight our drinkers with other high-quality and delicious styles of whisky too, often featuring eye-opening world whiskies and premium blends. We're all whisky fans here too, and we only put a whisky in the box that we also would want to taste!