Our Pricing Approach


It's Chris here, Founder of The Dram Team, writing a few notes to explain how we've priced our full size bottles.

(Side note: As we've never sold full-size bottles in the past, this has been a challenging exercise, and we'll likely need revise our initial prices over time - up or down - as we learn what works or does not work, so please bear with me!)

The main aim for me is to do whatever we can to offer members sustainably good value on full-size bottles.

We're trying to achieve this by offering:

  • Free member shipping (i.e. combined with your next tasting set delivery at no extra cost)
  • Discounts on multi-bottle orders (use "DOUBLE-DELIGHT" to get £5 off any 2 bottles or more)
  • Fair pricing vs. other retailers and RRPs

In setting the price for each bottle, I've looked at large and small online retailers (Master of Malt are typically best value), what we pay for the stock ourselves, and what the RRP is, then attempted to tread the best-value line we can between the three.

In most cases, I am confident we will be equal or better value when you take typical shipping charges (from £5 up to £10) into account - and even more so if you take advantage of our discount on 2 or more bottles.

In some cases, we'll be best value, and others, you might find the bottle priced lower elsewhere.

But, I sincerely hope we'll always be able to extend you a deal you'll find to be in your favour.

And if we don't? Always drop me a note to let me know, and I'll see if I can help out!

Happy dramming and warmest whisky wishes,



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