Our Customer Service Approach


This is Chris Borrow writing, The Dram Team's Founder / Employee #1.

I'm in charge of customer service here at the Dram Team, and doing it well is something I really care about.

My approach to customer service is simple, I just ask myself "How would I want to be treated if it was me?", then do whatever I think is the best answer to that question.

So, very simply, The Dram Team has a very straightforward returns/refund policy: If we muck up in anyway, or you are dissatisfied, however little and whatever the reason, we'll do our best to put it right.

Just write to our Whisky Butler, Woodhouse, at, and explain the situation, and I'll personally ensure that he takes great care of you.

Of course, if you're really happy with our service or just love what we do, feel free to write to us and tell us that too :-)

All the best,


Founder / Employee #1, The Dram Team