Chris on email


You're probably here because you clicked a link in one of my emails that says "Why does this email look so plain and boring?".

Well, it's a simple, really: When I write to customers, I've decided I want it to look like a friend or your Mum or Dad is writing to you (only if your friend/Mum/Dad only ever wrote to you about whisky, which would be a bit odd).

So, rather than glossy images and big "BUY NOW" buttons, all my emails will look like a normal email from a normal person (I'm not 100% normal, but for business purposes I try to appear at least mostly normal).

I'll probably drop in the odd picture to jazz things up from time to time, but otherwise I'll keep it straightforward and generally get to the point.

All in all, I trust customers (or potential customers) like you to figure out for yourself whether or not what I'm talking about is worth clicking on, so I'm happy to let my email speak for itself and not overdo it on the marketing drivel or branding.

If you've any feedback on this, let me know, you can write to me directly on

Warmest whisky wishes,

(Founder, The Dram Team).

P.S. If I've dragged you away from a tempting email and some tempting (if plain-looking) links, then you can check out our "Find a new favourite" personalised whisky tasting options here and our premium subscription offering here.