Whisky Under £50 Review 7: Paul John Edited

Welcome to the seventh instalment of our regular Whisky Under Fifty reviews, where we review a different whisky (or whiskey) that you can buy for less than £50! If you’d like to know more about why we're doing this series, read our introduction post here. Today’s whisky isPaul John “Edited” Indian whisky

Paul John “Edited” Indian Single Malt Whisky

Back in July 2020, our members tried a wonderful Indian whisky in ourWorld Whisky tasting box. It wasn’t the first time though. We first featured the whisky we’re going to review today, Paul John Edited, all the way back in May 2018. What a whisky it was!

Hailing from Goa, a tropical paradise with a Portuguese flair, Paul John’s whiskies are quite something to behold. Undergoing intense tropical ageing in the humid, hot climate, they mature very quickly. Master Distiller Michael D’souza’s skill lies in carefully balancing those natural elements with the delicate whisky making process to create their single malts.

The “Edited” expression is one of 3 whiskies in their flagship range, combining peated Scottish barley with Indian 6-row barley for an intense flavour. While there’s no age statement, it comes to us at a generous 46% ABV and non-chill-filtered. 

Whisky Under £50 Review 7: Paul John Edited Paul John Edited Indian Single Malt Whisky





Peanut butter, cloves, charred oak, and a little hint of smoked salt. It’s savoury, sweet and chocolatey. 


Toasted walnut joins the peanuts along with dark chocolate. Nutella-like richness combined with deep chewy oak tannins. A very subtle smokiness - like burnt wood or smoky tea. It’s a unique flavour profile for single malt, almost more reminiscent of a fiery American whisky.


Medium, with more of the chocolate sweetness and spice, then drying out like a cup of strong black tea.

Overall Thoughts: 

This is big, bold whisky! While it certainly won’t be for everyone, there will be some who will love its deep, unique flavours. 

Flavour categories: Musty, Dry Spice, Oily & Maritime, Woody, Herbal Smoke

Get it here for £38.95.

Try Paul John “Edited” if you like...

This really reminded our reviewer of George Dickel Tennessee or Balcones Texan whiskeys, with the deep nuttiness and heavy charred wood flavours. So if you like those heavy hitting American style whiskeys, this might be one for you.

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