Whisky Under £50 Review 10: Old Perth Cask Strength

Welcome to the tenth installment of our regular Whisky Under Fifty reviews, where we review a different whisky (or whiskey) that you can buy for less than £50! If you’d like to know more about why we're doing this series, read our introduction post here. Today’s whisky is Old Perth Cask Strength

Old Perth Cask Strength

Old Perth is a range of sherry cask matured blended malt whiskies by Morrison Distillers. The Morrison's are one of the oldest whisky making families in Scotland, and are masters at what they do. Their Old Perth collection is based on reviving the tradition of blending in Perth, using carefully selected whiskies from the Glenlivet region of Speyside. They are matured exclusively in sherry casks, and bottled natural colour without chill filtration.

There are a few expressions in the Old Perth range:

  • The Original is the entry level dram at 46% ABV
  • Cask Strength is the hefty 58.6% ABV bottling
  • 12 Year Old carries an age statement
  • And the Vintage expressions are the premium end of the range

Whisky Under £50 Review 10: Old Perth Cask Strength

All four expressions are well priced and high quality. At a retail price of around £40, the high ABV Cask Strength expression jumps out as particularly good value. So, I thought it would be an excellent contender for our Whisky Under £50 series.


Colour: Natural colour, amber to medium gold. Oily and coats my glass.

Nose: Red fruits, russet apples, and soft berries. An older, dusty sherry note, together with vanilla. Wood spice and oak.

Palate: Full mouthfeel, with a velvet nature that coats the mouth. More red fruits and russet apples. An oak characteristic, and perhaps some earthiness from the sherry. Warming, with pepper and red chilli flakes.

Finish: A medium to long finish with red fruit and spice.

Overall thoughts: This is an oily, viscous whisky with the kind of mouthfeel I love. It’s big and bold with plenty of deep red fruit notes interlaced with spice and heat, signs of both the sherry maturation and the high bottling strength. At £39.95 a bottle, 58.6% ABV, I think it represents great value.

Get it here for £39.95.

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