Incredible Indies: August 2022 Box

Here at the Dram Team, we have the privilege of working very closely with two superlative independent bottlers – Whisky Broker and Claxton’s Spirits – who are both notorious for the quality and specialness of their cask strength releases. They also help us out with putting whisky into tiny bottles from time to time! We thought it was time to celebrate their excellence with a dedicated box, so please enjoy this selection of five recent Whisky Broker releases, and an exceptionally special drop from Claxton’s. – The Dram Team

Incredible Indies: August 2022 Box

Whisky Broker, Lowlands Aged 10 Years

A mysterious and un-named Lowland… bottles like this are as exciting as they can be frustrating, with the allure of exploring the unknown - and potentially discovering a hidden gem - balanced against the tease of not knowing what your new favourite whisky actually is. All we can guarantee is that we trust the Whisky Broker crew to do us right - so tuck into this secret Lowland with anticipation!

Tasting notes 

While more and more new distilleries have popped up across the Lowlands in recent years, the age of this release means it is part of the old guard - and, traditionally, Lowland malts are known for being light and gentle, easy-drinking drams.

Whisky Broker, Glen Moray 8 Year Old

This Speysider was matured in a first-fill bourbon barrel - which is the same cask style used for most of Glen Moray's own releases. Ex-bourbon barrels are their preference as they are found to complement their new make spirit, and result in a rich and spicy whisky, with a smooth and well-rounded taste.

Tasting notes:

Glen Moray whiskies would often exhibit delicious butterscotch notes, with fresh grass and hay, and a hint of cinnamon spice.

Whisky Broker, Strathmill Aged 12 Years

A largely anonymous distillery owned by drinks giant Diageo, much of Strathmill's spirit goes in to the much-more-famous J&B blend. Indie bottlers don’t get their hands on Strathmill often, so this single malt release is another win by Whisky Broker.

Tasting notes:

Known for producing delicate whiskies, Strathmill's house style was once described by whisky industry legend Michael Jackson (no, not that Michael Jackson!) as "the whisky world's answer to orange muscat. With dessert.

Whisky Broker, Dufftown Aged 13 Years

One of our favourite distillery names (it sounds like it should be a brewery town in the Simpsons more than a Scotch whisky producer), little-known Dufftown is actually another of Diageo's distilleries, and one of the largest too, producing some 6 million litres per year of single malt (wowsers!!), most of which go into the famous Bell's blend. Like Strathmill, independent bottlings are relatively rare, so this release is another special treat.

Tasting notes:

Typical flavour notes for Dufftown whiskies include nutty almond, creamy butterscotch, and apple with nutmeg spice.

Whisky Broker, Sherry Hogshead Blend Aged 10 Years

Another dram shrouded in mystery, with no information about the constituent parts disclosed. So, besides telling you to once again trust in the brilliance of the very discerning folks at Whisky Broker, all we can say is that this blend contains some grain whisky, some malt whisky, and that it spent its entire 10-year life maturing in a sherry hogshead - that is, a barrel of circa 250 litres, that previously held sherry. Oh - and only 367 bottles were released!

Tasting notes:

With full maturation in a relatively small sherry cask, expect a lot of unseasonal Christmas-themed notes, like nuts, dried fruits and Christmas cake… and, well…sherry!

Claxton's, Grain Barn Aged 30 Years

It is a well established fact that the Dram Team love long-aged grain whisky. It turns out our pals at Claxton's do too - so much so that they have dedicated their latest - and most premium - staple release to celebrating the magnificence of a good grain whisky, aged in great wood. A shining example of just how exceptional this underappreciated style of whisky can be. Enjoy!

Tasting notes:

"Super fruity, with a luxurious vanilla and honeycomb profile. Very dangerously delicious!" - Tom Roskams, Claxton's Spirits.

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