If you liked J.J. Corry's Flintlock Batch 3, try this Sailor's Home whiskey next

Our March tasting set was dedicated to the exciting world of Irish whiskey, which is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance at the moment. One of the drams we featured was a lovely J.J. Corry expression, The Flintlock Batch 3.

J.J. Corry's Flintlock Batch 3 is a selection of six single malt ex-bourbon casks. Each cask was aged 15 or 18 years. They were vatted together and then finished in Moscatel sherry. The result was the perfect representation of J.J. Corry's juicy, fruity house style. Ripe orchard fruits, sweet Jasmine, lime, grapefruit and fresh summer wildflower honey. Wonderful.

If you enjoyed J.J. Corry's Flintlock Batch 3 I have another Irish whiskey you may like to try. It's from a small indie brand called Sailor's Home.

Sailor's Home The Horizon 

Sailor's Home The Horizon Irish Whiskey

Sailor's Home The Horizon is a 10 year old small batch Irish Whiskey. Made with both Irish malt and grain whiskeys, it's been aged for at least 10 years in Bourbon casks. Like J.J. Corry's Flintlock Batch 3, after an initial maturation in bourbon it has then had an extra finishing period. In the case of The Horizon, that finishing period was in Barbados Rum casks. These give a nice tropical twist on this Irish whiskey. 

Tasting Notes

Nose: Mouthwatering brown sugar and ripe tropical fruits.

Taste: Melting pot of malted honey, oak depth, silk rum, vanilla and caramelised banana.

Finish: Buttery toffee with orange zest.

If you'd like to try this whiskey, you can pick up a bottle of Sailor's Home The Horizon here for £49.95.

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