Common Customer Service Questions/Problems (and Answers/Fixes)

Hello there,

It's Chris writing, Founder of the Dram Team and chief-answerer-and-fixerer-of-customer-problems.

You can read a few common customer issues below, but first I wanted to talk to you briefly about our approach to customer service - which I personally care about deeply.

I want to assure you that whatever problem you have with our service, and however much it is (or hopefully is not) our fault, we'll always do our very best to help you.

We don't like businesses that treat their customers poorly, especially when they make a mistake they ought to fix, and so we aspire to be the polar opposite.

Of course, there are areas of our service we will never be able to ensure work perfectly (I'm looking at you, couriers!), but we take our responsibility for getting you your order in good time and in good condition and to your satisfaction seriously.

With that in mind, we have a very generous customer service policy and will typically take whatever action we think necessary to leave you more than happy.

This includes refunding delivery charges, replacing or refunding entire orders where there is loss or damage, sending replacement orders if delivery goes wrong, extending gift subscriptions if we let down someone you treated to a special gift, and combinations of any of the above where we think you deserve better.

At the very least, we'll always attempt to answer promptly, politely, helpfully, and to apologise for any issue and acknowledge your problem and any frustration or disappointment it may have caused you.

If you aren't happy with any resolution, please do tell us and we'll endeavour to make it right another way.

For now, please see below some of the more common queries we receive and some ways you can get what you need or an indication of how we'll help you.

Thanks for reading and warmest whisky wishes,

(Founder, The Dram Team)

Common Customer Service Questions/Problems (and Answers/Fixes)

Where’s my box/delivery? If you ordered recently and provided contact details you should receive tracking updates from DPD (please check your junk/other email folders just in case). You can also click the link in your order confirmation email to view your order and track it from the order page on our website. Otherwise, we can help check on your order and help with any problems – please just provide the order number and any details you can.

I’ve got a problem with my delivery/the courier did something wrong. Sorry to hear this! Please let us know your order number and details of the issue, and we’ll either do whatever we can to get it resolved with the courier, or we’ll sort out a replacement order ASAP for you.

I need to change the address on an order OR I need to update my account address details. If you made a mistake with the address on an order, please advise us of the order number and correct address ASAP and we’ll do what we can to redirect it. If that fails and you’re not able to retrieve the order, we’ll arrange a replacement. If you’ve moved house, you can update the address details via the account and “Manage my subscription” pages yourself, or we can update your details for you if you provide them.

I’ve got a problem with my tasting set Sorry about that! If you’ve got a damaged or otherwise problematic tasting set, please let us know what is wrong and we’ll sort out one in perfect condition ASAP for you.

I want to buy a gift but I don’t know what to do about the address. Do I send it to myself or direct to the recipient? Good news: You can do either! We ship the first box in every gift subscription to the shipping address provided. It comes with a welcome letter explaining how to activate the subscription, and arrives in anonymous packaging. This means you can receive it yourself and gift it on, or send it direct: Either way the lucky whisky drinker can provide their own details when they activate it, and we take it from there.

I gifted a subscription but they’ve not received any more boxes OR I received a gift subscription, but I’ve not received any more boxes. There are two main reasons this happens: Firstly, if the gift has already been activated as per the welcome letter, then it can take as long as 8 weeks before our next shipping date (we ship in the first week of every other month, on even months, i.e. Feb/Apr/Jun/Aug/Oct/Dec). Secondly, it is possible the gift has either not been activated by the recipient/you, OR that an error occurred when attempting activation. In any case, please provide as many details as you can of the gift subscription (original order number or activation code, the purchasers name or email used to place the order etc) and we can look into this for you and get some more whiskies on their way soon.

How do I cancel my subscription/Please can I cancel my subscription? We try to make this as easy as possible. You can do this via your account on the website (Go to, then click the red text that says "Manage Subscriptions"), or just by asking us to do it via email. Just make sure you email us from the account you use for your subscription and we can do the rest (or you can do it in a few clicks from the account pages on the website).