The Dram Team - Monthly Subscription Club (with £8.99 Glencairn included FREE)

£27.50 £36.49
Monthly Subscription
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The Dram Team - Monthly Subscription Club (with £8.99 Glencairn included FREE)

£27.50 £36.49
Monthly Subscription
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Congratulations! You've been sent a link to a special hidden product - the only way to get here is if we sent you this link ourselves.

(unless you've hacked our website, in which've earned a free whisky glass anyway, well done!)

All you need to do is order this product, and we'll ship your Glencairn whisky glass (sold at £8.99 normally) for free with your first box. 

Thereafter, you're part of The Dram Team's club and we'll send you a box of tasty whisky treats each month...which you can sip from your official Glencairn whisky glass like a real dram-drinking pro.


Chris (Founder)

P.S. Much as most people come for the whisky and stay for...the whisky, if you do want to leave our club, there is no contract and you can cancel at any time (on your account page yourself, or just by dropping me a note)

Please note: Club is UK only. Your first box and your free Glencairn will be dispatched as soon as possible, typically within a week. Subsequent monthly boxes are billed on the 15th of the month and dispatched within the following week.

For example curations from our tasty history, see "What's in our boxes?" below.

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    Each carefully curated tasting set comes in a beautifully designed presentation box containing:

    • Five 25ml miniatures of high-quality whisky
    • A special “Sixth Dram”: A 10ml sample of a super-premium bottle
    • A set of deluxe cards with tasting notes and a drop of insight into what makes each whisky special

    Our whiskies are not ordinary whiskies: The first five in each set typically average £50 RRP for a full bottle (ranging from £25 to as high as £85), and the Sixth Dram tips the scale at anything from £125 to £300 RRP for a full bottle.

    For any of our one-off boxes, you will get the whiskies specified in the product description.

    For subscription options, here are some examples of the exciting range of whiskies that we have included in some of our previous tasting flights:

    1. Scotchy Scotch Scotch: Our first ever curation, an incredible tasting tour of the Scottish whisky regions, featuring a stunning line up of Single Malt Scotch Whiskies.
    2. Worldwide Whiskies: This was a wondrous worldwide whisky exploration, encompassing some of the best whiskies the globe has to offer from Ireland, Japan, America, Canada, and even India and New Zealand.
    3. Incredible Indies: We celebrated the very best of independent bottlers, with a line up featuring six very special whiskies from six incredible independents.