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Introducing The Dram Team...

If you'd like to explore more great whiskies from more great distilleries more often...good news!

The Dram Team is a whisky tasting subscription club that allows you to experience six premium whiskies every month for less than the price of a whole bottle...

...so you'll be exploring more great whiskies from more great distilleries each and every month.

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More drams and more variety from more distilleries more often

My name is Chris, and like you, I'm a big fan of good whisky.

I don't know how it happened for you, but I first fell in love with whisky after attending a couple of tasting events a few years back.

Me cheerfully carting boxes of whisky about in Scotland

What I love about whisky tastings is being guided through a line up of carefully chosen whiskies...

...comparing and contrasting...

...learning what I liked (and didn't like!)...

...hearing about the different expressions and the distilleries and brands that make them.

In starting The Dram Team, I did my best to put the whisky tasting experience into a box, so other whisky fans could enjoy the luxury of exploring premium whiskies, from the comfort of their own home.

"Once-in-a-lifetime" whiskies

Our tasting sets - five single measures (and a little something super special)

A big advantage of receiving our 6-dram monthly boxes is that you get to sample a lot of new whiskies (72 a year, in fact!), without risking the disappointment of buying a bottle you don't enjoy (I know you have one gathering dust on the shelf already!).

Try 6 new whiskies each month...find a new favourite...go out and buy with confidence - whisky satisfaction guaranteed.

Now, that said, you can't always get your hands on the drams in our packs in the shops, as we've got rather good at hunting down unusual whiskies...

But fear not, as well as occasional once-in-a-lifetime tipples, we include a mix of the following:

  • Well known expressions from big brands you might not have got round to trying yet
  • Whiskies from smaller brands you may not have heard of and will love
  • Small batch expressions from well known distilleries, produced by whisky's top independent bottlers
  • The occasional cask strength ABV whopper!
  • Plenty of limited editions and special releases
  • Seasonal and festive expressions
  • And, of course, super rare, super premium, once-in-a-lifetime drams

Scotch, single malts, world whiskies and premium blends

Overall, your boxes will be Scotch-centric and focused on single malts, but you'll also get to experience eye-opening world whiskies and premium blends as well.

As you can probably tell, you won't be tasting everyday supermarket staples here - in fact your core 5 drams will typically average £50 RRP for a full 70cl bottle.

A typical month's line up, ready for you to sample

The "Sixth Dram"

As well as your five cut-above-the-average drams, every box comes with a sample-size taster of a super premium bottle in the form of our "Sixth Dram".

Your Sixth Drams will typically be about £125-£150 for a 70cl bottle, but have been as expensive as £295 in the past - whew!

You get to experience those six premium whiskies for under £30 a month - £27.50 in fact.

That's just £5 per dram for the 5 (and a half) measures.

We are 100% confident you couldn't go out and buy a taste of these whiskies any cheaper than that.

For that matter, you probably won't find a single whisky shop or bar that even sells them all - yet alone delivers right to your door.

Heard enough from me yet about why our boxes are worth getting your hands on?

Well, to sweeten the pot a little further, we're going to induct you into the world of the true whisky connoisseur by making sure you have the appropriate equipment to maximise your enjoyment of your drams (for free!).

Your 3 free welcome gifts

Go ahead and try out our subscription club today, and we'll include our fancily-presented Glencairn whisky tasting glass with your first box (which we normally sell for £12.50).

The Glencairn: specifically designed to maximise the aromas
and flavours of a high quality whisky.

The Glencairn is used by industry professional the world around - you shouldn't really drink our whiskies from anything else!

For good measure, we're going to include a bonus dram from our archives - the stonking single malt Scotch that is the Glen Scotia Double Cask...

...and we're even going to grease your palm with a £5 welcome discount to make it an even better decision.

Try out our club today, and claim your free Glencairn, free bonus dram, £5 welcome discount and your first box of six premium whiskies for half price

Glen Scotia Double Cask - A firm Dram Team favourite!

So, try out our subscription club today, get a glassware upgrade, and raise 72 toasts with us over the next year as you happily sip your way through a tasty line up of premium whiskies each month.

In no time at all, you'll have tasted more great whiskies from more great distilleries than you ever thought possible!

Looking forward to hearing how you enjoy your first box...



(Founder, The Dram Team)

P.S. Need to hear from someone else less biased?

What are whisky lovers saying?

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