The Box of Dreams Line Up

BIG news today Dram-Teamers!

On this, the one week anniversary of our launch, we have a very exciting announcement for you.

Our mission at The Dram Team is to enable whisky fans everywhere to easily explore a wide variety of quality whiskies, without splashing out on whole bottles.

Well, we're ready to try and take that mission to the next level by introducing The Dram Team "Box of Dreams".

The premise is simple: We take six outrageous bottles of rare and expensive whisky, and turn them into a limited edition release of our whisky-tasting boxes.

For a fraction of the cost of any one of the whiskies in the pack, you'll get to try six once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list drams.

For this inaugural trial, we're putting just 50 on sale.  If/When we sell all 50, we'll go away and produce the boxes.

For our first "Box of Dreams" we're mirroring the theme for our Month 1 standard box and taking you on a very special tour of the Scottish whisky regions.

  • Lowlands - Auchentoshan - Noble Oak, 24 Year Old: A 2015 limited release, this spirit has matured in hand-selected oak casks since 1990. The entry-level dram of this selection, at just £215 a bottle. 

  • Speyside - Glenfarclas - Family Casks, Sherry Butt 1710: A 1992 vintage release in the 10th batch of The Family Cask series from fan-favourites Glenfarclas. One of just 654 bottles, you can pick this up for £245.

  • Campbeltown - Springbank - 21 Year Old: Another whisky-fan favourite, Springbank's 21 year old is considered a legendary dram by those whisky-lovers lucky enough to have tried it. This 2013 release weighs in at a chunky £250.

  • Highland - AnCnoc - 1975: Distilled in 1974 and bottled in 2014, this whisky has spent longer maturing than many of you reading this have. Spending just shy of 40 years in wood, one of 1,590 bottles total, this would set you back £295.

  • Islands - Highland Park - 25 Year Old: We featured the 21 year old expression from the very-rightly-held-in-high-esteem Highland Park in our standard line-up. For the Box of Dreams, we're levelling up another 4 years, and a fair few bob, and splashing out £330 to include the 25 year old version.

  • Sixth Dram - Islay - Bruichladdich - 1970s Valinch, Cask #5085: This is where our Box of Dreams gets really ridiculous. We've got special permission from Bruichladdich to include their 1970s Valinch in this set. Rarely released to market and very hard to come by, this is a "fill your own bottle" distillery-tour special from four decades ago. You'll need a time-machine or £650 to get your hands on just 50cl of this incredible stuff.

To reserve yourself a "Box of Dreams", head over here and put a pre-order down right now.

We'd love to hear what you think about the "Box of Dreams" idea, so if you've got any comments, fire our Whisky Butler an email on

Warmest whisky wishes,

Chris, Greg and James