The Dram Team Needs You!

Hello dearest Daviseses!

I made a webpage just for you!

I love having a big and close family like we do, so please forgive me for abusing your multitudinous rank for business purposes. It might help to re-frame this mentally as charitable assistance for Mum and Dad; if this goes badly, their future Cornish dream home will have a new (non-rent paying) lodger!

Anyway: I know some of you are sophisticated and mature in your tastes and enjoy whisky, in which case, fantastic, please do sign up and I'll happily skip to the Post Office each month and pop a pack in the mail to you!

However...the single biggest help you can give me - us, in fact, since I'm trying to help J, of B (sister) & J, break away from stats programming into whisky, thus fulfilling his dream of being "Dram Master Jay" - is simply writing an email or FB message to 2 or more people you know that might be interested, and:

  1. Imploring them to check it out and support us (if they like whisky, this shouldn't be TOO hard a sell we hope!)
  2. Specifically ask them to share it on to just 2 more people themselves

Personal recommendations like this are WAY more effective than just sharing on Facebook (though this is also very much appreciated!), and if each of you (and your wonderful partners!) does this, we should reach a lot of people, hopefully ones who will personally appreciate hearing about us - either because they love whisky themselves or know someone else who does (did I mention what a great gift it makes?!).

Below is a clickable email template for this, which conveniently pre-populates everything for you except addresses (my finest hour of HTML code yet!).

So, with much gratitude, I ask you to go forth Davis-horde, and multiply our website visitors!

And if this goes well, the whisky-hangovers are on me at the next family gathering ;-)

Much love,

Your favourite cousin/nephew/brother/son, Chris xx 

Here's the two things we've asked people to do to help (actually cunningly at least 4 things, disguised as 2!):

    Thing 1 - Write all your awesome whisky-loving friends a nice email

    We bet they'd love to hear about our "Win a Year of Whisky" competition. You can even use this lovely convenient template we wrote for you - cool, no? Or just go here and copy-paste.

    Thing 2 - Use the jazzy social media icons below to shout about us from the interweb-rooftops

    The Tweet one even writes a tweet for you. We kid you not. Tag your friends here there and everywhere to share the good whisky news.

    Massive thanks for your support and looking forward to getting the party started!

    Warmest whisky wishes,

    Chris, Greg and James


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