• Jurassic Glamping, South Devon (approx. 2 hrs south of Bristol)
  • Badass glamping accommodation (furnished safari tents and lodges, see details here) on a site we'll have to ourselves, just outside Axminster.
  • Check the FAQs for packing suggestions and more details (FRESH EGGS BABY! MEET THE FARM ANIMALS!)
  • Hay bale seating and a giant fire pit will be set up

Timing & Logistics: 

  • Friday 26th April to Sunday 28th April 2019
  • Arrival any time Friday afternoon through to evening, as work and travel allows.
  • Departure Sunday morning before midday.
  • Plan to co-ordinate car shares from Bristol for most
  • Possible advance party to get to site earlier


  • Friday afternoon/evening - Arrival to site, beers, whiskies, explore the site, build a fire, eat dinner, relax, meet the farm animals etc
  • Saturday daytime - Brekkie, get to coast, decent coastal walk with pub stops, make our way back to camp later afternoon.
  • Saturday evening - Meet the farm animals, cook other farm animals over a fire pit, more beer, whiskies and relaxing.
  • Sunday - Lazy brekkie and departure.


  • Friday dinner - Takeaway curry ordered to campsite. Menu to be circulated in advance for pre-orders
  • General - Supermarket delivery to campsite for Friday afternoon to cover all other food.
  • Saturday & Sunday brekkies - Breakfast baps of various sorts cooked on site (tents and lodges have basic kitchens)
  • Saturday lunch - Either pasties bought locally, or pre-ordered packed lunch of sandwiches we can carry with us on the walk (saves trying to co-ordinate a lunch stop)
  • Saturday dinner - Big old meat-based cook up over the fire pit (site can provide equipment for this).


  • Beer - I have bought precisely 102 assorted bottles and cans from Wild Beer and Honest Brew, a range of easy drinking IPAs with a fair few stouts and porters for good measure - this is about 7-8 cans per drinker for the weekend and is circa £12 a head. Bring your own additional fancy beer if you like!
  • Whisky - I'll bring plenty, BYOW if you want.
  • Caffeine - Tea to be provided, suggest we operate on a BYO basis for coffee and aeropresses since half of us are total coffee snobs. I'll buy some nice ground stuff in the shopping order.
  • Anything else - Surprise us!


  • Aiming to keep these low as most people under budgetary constraints due to poor life choices (wives, children, house ownership)
  • Campsite about £70 per person for the whole weekend
  • Other costs will be transport (chipping in for drivers' fuel, local transport), food as above/ and whatever we spend at the pub.
  • Will share a paypal or bank details when finalised (would be good to be paid promptly if possible)


(Note: All friend categorisations to use the tone adopted in the Inbetweeners)

  • J / Jamie / James - The Glen stag himself
  • Graham Glen (sired after Jamie by Ian, brother friend)
  • Nick Gould (aka Jazzy T; Bewdley friend)
  • Sam Caton (Bewdley friend)
  • Jon Elmer (Bewdley friend)
  • Chris Vaughan (aka Vorner, Bewdley friend)
  • Tom Brooks (Whisky friend)
  • Rob Prior (Whisky friend)
  • Rob Anstey (Whisky friend)
  • Luke Boulton (Whisky friend)
  • Edd Smith (Whisky friend)
  • Simon Mosse (Whisky friend)
  • Me (Bewdley friend, brother of bride friend)
  • Tim Borrow (brother of bride friend)
  • Joachim Ryan (brother-in-law of bride friend)
  • Assorted farm animals

 Other stuff:

  • Wet weather back up plan is sophisticated: pubs!
  • Suggestions for stag and group fancy dress welcome
Lovely pictures:


The campsite and small fire pit with grill (ours will be MAHOOSIVE!)


 Nearby coast at Branscombe, which we'll likely walk through


The worst picture of Jamie I can find (pretty pleased with it!)