Well done! You've made your way to our hidden Black Friday special offer page.

With every Christmas product order placed this weekend via this hidden page, we're going to send out a free Glencairn whisky glass - one we normally sell for £8.99.

Designed specifically to maximise appreciation of fine whiskies, the Glencairn glass is the preferred dram-drinking vessel of choice for spirits industry professionals the world around.

The iconic Glencairn Glass - Free with every order this weekend

We think it's the perfect luxury touch to pair with our carefully curated Christmas whiskies, and we hope the lucky gift recipient will enjoy using it to make every dram a truly special occasion.

Just use the links below to access the special product pages and you're all set.

Cheers to the whisky lover in your life exploring excellent whisky in style!

Chris (Founder, The Dram Team)