Dram #1.4: Bowmore "Darkest" 15 Year Old

Hello Dram-Teamers, and welcome to the second entry in our tasting notes blog.

Our next entry is the fourth dram in our inaugural "Scotchy scotch scotch" Scottish Whisky Regions box, the stormy "Darkest", a 15 year old Islay from Bowmore.

Here's our take on this smoky beauty:

"Scent of an old library; leather bound books and rich mahogany. Burnt raisins on the palate. Fantastic introductory Islay with the smoke subtly complementing the robust dried fruit flavours."

The "Quotable Quaffer" for the Bowmore was a hard fought battle, with honourable mention going to Colin Hampden-White (Whisky Quarterly editor, photographer-extraordinaire and Keeper of the Quaich) for this evocative but ever-so-slightly-out-there gem:

However, we can't help but enthusiastically honour Dave Alcock, @whiskyrepublic and Whisky Dramalista blogger, for this incredible and even-more-out-there description:

Congratulations Dave - you are this dram's Quotable Quaffer!

These quotes considered, you'd be forgiven for thinking this tasted very odd, but don't be fooled - this is a delicious dram. Smoky with a tonne of sherry and gorgeous fruity-chocolatey flavours. Beautiful on it's own, and fantastic paired with dark chocolate (as you'll see below, a fact not lost on some of our Tweet Tasters!).

It's so good, it's even converted a self-confessed Bowmore sceptic, Real Dram Rob of the Real Drams blog: You can read the tale of his conversion here. Welcome to the fan club, Rob!

if you're not convinced, then check out our launch Tweet Tasting highlights below, and try not to drool...yum. Besides, how can Ron Burgundy be wrong?

Until the next time!

Warmest whisky wishes,

Chris, Greg and James

Tasting Note Highlights: Bowmore "Darkest" 15 Year Old


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