Bonus drams!

Hello Dram-Teamers!

As a token of our heartfelt gratitude for supporting our launch and being part of our first ever flight of whisky-tasting fancy, we've included a tasty bonus dram in each parcel - picked out personally by our very own founding father, Chris Borrow, from his personal whisky collection.

Here's Chris in person, speaking on the day we sent out our first ever shipment, with a little update on what's coming up and some backstory to the bonus drams for your infotainment.

If 5 minutes is too long, look below the video for a quick bonus dram round up!

Finally, don't forget that our first ever Dram Team customer tweet tasting will be next Thursday evening, 25th August.

Until then, over to Chris...


B10 - Benriach 10 year old (peated Curiositas edition) - Chris' first ever whisky, picked up after a tasting event at Milroy's of Soho where he was saving his sister's boyfriend from going solo for his birthday gift outing. A delicious smoky and sweet Speyside, and still one of Chris' favourite several years later.

TS - Talisker Skye - A fave of The Dram Team's (Chris') Uncle Mike, bought by Chris earlier this year in preparation for a visit from the same...on the second attempt at least, Chris having initially bought Talistker Storm instead. Both are smokey and complex drams, well worth trying out.

A10 - Aberlour 10 - A recent addition to Chris' collection, courtesy of his good friend "Stace", who brought it along on the weekend of the Bristol Whisky Festival (coals to Newcastle anyone?). A lovely smooth-drinking, subtle and creamy whisky. Great for summer. Cheers Stace!

We hope you enjoy your little bonus, whichever one you got. See you on Twitter soon!

Warmest whisky wishes,

Chris, Greg & James

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Chris Davis

Fab video – looking forward to the tweet tasting tonight… Cheers Chris

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