Tonight's Tweet Tasting: A "How to" guide...

Good evening Dram Teamers.

We're here to make sure you get the most out of tonight's "Scotchy Scotch Scotch" Tweet Tasting, with a quick "How to" guide.

Here at The Dram Team, we only took part in our first tweet tasting the day we launched, and it was UTTER. CHAOS. Older and wiser as we now are, allow us to share a few gems with you for this evening, with our 6 rules for optimum tweet tasting enjoyment:

Rule #1 - Above all, enjoy the whisky!

Do not under any circumstances allow the madness that is a tweet tasting event to undermine the purpose of the night - to enjoy your whisky. We positively insist on this :-)

Take part at whatever level you like, be it observing, tweeting ridiculous GIFs (Chris' personal favourite approach) or spreading #TheDramTeam far across the Twitterverse by retweeting the living daylights out of everyone else's contributions!

Sub-rule #1b - But not too much ;-)

Pour reservedly, sniff a little, sip a little, and savour the taste before moving on. If you try to drink a whisky every 15 minutes you'll be mired in regret tomorrow, and we don't want that! This also means you'll have plenty left to enjoy another day - bonus.

Rule #2 - Always listen to Charlie Maclean

He told us about water/ice the other day, and now he's here to tell you about how to taste whisky and how to write tasting notes. Frankly, we'd avidly listen to the man say absolutely anything at all, but he is particularly full of wisdom when it comes to whisky.

Of course, don't take him too seriously - taste your whisky however you like. There isn't actually a right or wrong - enjoyment is the priority. If you think it tastes like something, say so. #TheDramTeam is a no-judgement whisky-tasting safe-place!

Rule #3 - Deploy technology to your advantage

We already mentioned TweetChat to follow and auto-insert #TheDramTeam in your tweets. Another good one for following along is Twitterfall, which refreshes automatically (enter the hashtag under "Search" and refresh). Try a combo of both if you are feeling bold!

Beyond that, we recommend multiple devices and large banks of giant monitors like they have on the stock exchange trading floor...

Rule #4 - Let us be your guide!

We'll be posting a steady stream of content on @TheDramTeam throughout the evening to guide the event and add a little interest to proceedings, as well as retweeting and answering tweets throughout.

If you follow only one account, make it us!

Rule #5 - Use the hashtag...and tag other people too, it's a social event!

Use #TheDramTeam to make sure people know you're part of the party, and tag other people taking part to interact with them.

You can also tag the brands behind the whiskies too - look out for their twitter handles on our stream.

We'll be shouting out to a few celebrity whisky friends taking part as well - so take the opportunity to have a chat with them too, they're all delightful :-)

Rule #6 - Ask Woodhouse your questions!

Want to know more about Woodhouse the Whisky Butler? Ask him!

Want to know anything about any of the whiskies? Ask him!

Want to know anything AT ALL? Woodhouse will be more than happy to help!

Tweet any and all of your questions to @thewhiskybutler and Woodhouse'll scurry off to fetch you an answer - it's what he does best!

Right, that's more than enough Tweet Tasting guidance for now - we'll see you online later!

Chris, Greg and James


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