"Sibling Rivalry" (The return of #TheDramTeam tweet tastings!)

Hello there Dram-Teamers!

As you know, here at The Dram Team we pride ourselves on creating out-of-the-ordinary whisky tastings and delivering them right to your door. You've given us a lot of amazing feedback, so we know that you've really enjoyed the different whisky journeys we take you on each month.

We also know you like sharing your Dram Team whisky exploration with us on Twitter, so we've decided to bring back our regular virtual whisky tastings.

This Thursday, 29th June, you can join us from 7pm on Twitter to taste June's "Sibling Rivalry" box. Just follow along using the hashtag #TheDramTeam and be prepared to share your thoughts, feeling and, ideally, some very silly gifs.

As a bonus, the wondrous whisky blogger The Amateur Drammer has taken a sneaky peek preview look at two of the cracking Glenfarclas drams from this set - why not take a look at his excellent blog piece to whet your appetite?

Sibling Rivalry is a triple vertical tasting - where you compare whiskies of different ages from the same distillery - and features three fantastic whisky siblings:

  • The Glen Moray Elgin Heritage 12 and 15 year olds, Speyside single malts released last August that are wonderfully soft and gorgeously smooth.
  • The Old Pulteney 12 and 17 year old single malts from the Highlands, famously maritime in character. The 17 year expression is now discontinued, so will become increasingly rare and hard to find.
  • A sherry-influenced pair of Speyside single malts from Glenfarclas, their 10 and 25 year olds (our super-premium Sixth Dram this month).

If you want to explore these drams yourself, join our subscription club. You can use "WHISKY-WELCOME" to grab Sibling Rivalry at 25% off. You'll be in whisky-tasting nirvana in no time!

That's it from us for now - look forward to seeing you online to raise a virtual glass together.

Warmest whisky wishes,

Chris, Greg & James - The Dram Team Founders