Post-Launch update, and...thank you!

Hello there Dram-Teamers!

So...following a brief IT-induced weekend extension, our launch closed last Monday at Midday. After a little breather, we're back on the blog to update you on what's going on at The Dram Team HQ, and to thank a mash-tun of awesome people for helping us get off to such a great start.

Post-launch Update

So, what have we been up to at The Dram Team HQ since launch?

First off, we closed down our "Incredible Indies" giveaway with That Boutique-y Whisky Company and picked a winner...


...we're pleased to announce that the winner is John W from Southport - we'll be sending John his bottle of 35 year old Blended Whisky #1 ASAP, and hope to let you know how it goes down in due course...congratulations John! 

Next, with our launch closed, we now have a good idea of our initial customer numbers and materials requirements, so we've been busy placing full orders for boxes and bottles and the other things that go into making our lovely little boxes of whisky (like...whisky!).

We've got 2,000 of our beautiful postal boxes on their way to us, and 15,000 (yes, that many!) miniature bottles coming over from Portugal.

Based on lead times for delivery and a few administrative hurdles to jump, we hope to have production set up and running by late July / early August.

Our first ever full batch of boxes should go out in about 5 weeks time, and we're going to be working on a few fun plans in the meantime to make sure our first ever delivery is a barnstorming success for all our wonderful customers.

Talking of which, it's about time we got round to saying...

Thank you one and all!

The first and BIGGEST thank you goes to each and every one of our brand spanking new customers. We're blown away by the support we've received, and more grateful than we can say that so many of you wonderful people jumped onto the interwebs to bring us your custom. We love you all, and we're going to do everything we can to make it entirely worth your while! Our launch customers are our favourites, now and forever.

A second GIANT thank you to all our friends, family and everyone else who helped us out in so many different ways to spread the word. You are also our favourites, just not quite as much as our customers... ;-)

Right, onto some more specific thanks...

First up, some very talented artistic & design types. Huge thanks to:

  • Tim Borrow, our resident photographer (and indeed, brother to our Employee #1), for making our boxes and website look incredible with his stunning product photography (check out his gorgeous Instagram for his more usual line of work)
  • Fern Scott, our official videographer and owner of Great Scott Films, who made Chris look more presentable on film than he ever has before, and for joining Tim in making our stuff look amazing on film
  • Aidan Laverty, former high school band-mate of our Employee #1, and now awesomely successful music producer as one half of Huntsmen, for letting us use one of his fantastic tracks in our launch video
  • Tim Borrow (again!), for his beautiful graphic design work on our box, which has received rave reviews, and even one or two "who did your design?" enquiries (you're welcome, bro!)
  • Gary and Jo, our contacts at our packaging supplier Boxmart, who have patiently held our hands through three or four box redesigns as our requirements evolved over time - thank you guys!

A cheeky amateur snap of Fern & Tim hard at work:

Fern and Tim

We'd also like to express our gratitude to the brands who got behind our launch boxes - we won't list them here, as you can see them all on our "Wall of Whisky", but if any of the fantastic folk who helped us out are reading this - thank you for backing us. You're the whisky-brand equivalent of our launch customers, and will always hold a special place in the hearts and minds of The Dram Team (#bae!).

Finally for the thank yous, a huge shout-out to the legendary Steve Rush of The Whisky Wire for hosting our Twitter-top-five-trending launch tweet tasting, and to every single blogger, whisky celebrity and whisky fan who took part - it was a real blast and got things off to a swinging start.

We're sure we've missed more than one or two people who we owe a special thank you too, but for now we're reserving the right to be grateful again in the future.

Keep an eye out for a weekly update on our progress from now on, and the odd tweet or Facebook post - we're going to be a little quieter than during launch, but only because we'll be super busy putting tasty things in boxes for our awesome customers!

Warmest whisky wishes,

Chris, Greg & James