How to spoil your Dad (with whisky!)


If you've got a Dad (odds are you do) and he likes whisky (as you're here, odds are he does), then congratulations - you're an exemplary daughter/son and your Dad is very lucky. 

If you're a Dad and you like whisky, then you're in the wrong place and should send your wonderful children here instead!

(If you're keen to cut to the chase, you can go straight to our Father's Day collection!)

Here at The Dram Team, my job for Father's Day is to help you spoil your Dad with whisky. Since spoiling people with whisky is my job all year round, I know I can help you out - so here's the low down on how.

First of all, we've made things easy by offering you the option to send your gift direct to your Pops, with a custom-printed gift note card coming as standard (just write it during check out).

Secondly, we can offer gift wrap sleeves on most of our boxes, so you don't need to lift a finger once you're done clicking the mouse.

So, what are you going to get him?

That really comes down to how generous you're feeling (or how many siblings you can round up to contribute!). 

Here's my top picks from our range:

1) A gift subscription - Truly the gift that keeps on giving, your Dad will get one of our out-of-the-ordinary tasting sets once a month for three months, or double that (that's six!) if you're super generous (or have tonnes of siblings, like I do!)

2) Our Father's Day Scotch set - With resident whisky expert Greg Dillon's help. I've put together a line up of six Scotches any whisky-Dad would drool over.

3) A dram-along whisky book - The 101 whiskies book is a shelf staple for many whisky fans, and we've cleverly paired it with 6 fantastic whiskies featured in the book, so your Dad can taste-along as he learns. How educational!

If you have any questions, be sure to drop a note to our Whisky Butler,, and he'll help you out.

I'm off to persuade my four siblings to chip in for a case of wine for my own (non-whisky-drinking) Father...

Cheers to you and your Dad!

(Founder, The Dram Team)