Day 6 - Glengoyne 21 Year Old

Hello! And welcome to Day 6.

For those of you who are familiar with our Dram Team tasting sets, you'll know that the 6th whisky in every set is always something a little special.

And by "a little special", we mean both little and special, as our 6th dram is a sample-size taster (10ml) of a very premium whisky - something you might otherwise never be lucky enough to try.

In this case, it's the stunning 21 Year Old from Glengoyne.

This remarkably tasty single malt Scotch is the sixth and final dram from our "A Very Sherry Whiskymas" Christmas box.

Before you join me to hear more, make sure to catch up with our introduction to 25 Days of Drams and drop in on any days you've missed here.

(and please fill out our whisky advent calendar survey too, so we can make an amazing one for you for next year!)

Here's our special advent Sixth Dram:

Recap: For each day of the 25 (we're Christmas day drammers here at the Dram Team), I'm going to give a few brief reasons I think each dram is worth your time and attention - which are the same reasons I picked each one to be in our boxes in the first place. And, we're giving away the full set of drams:

Reasons why Chris recommends this whisky:

Reason 1 - As a whisky packaging nerd, I'm a huge fan of the presentation of this bottle. Even at £110-£120 a bottle, this stands out amongst its peers, and is a real showpiece for your whisky shelf. 

Reason 2 Other than being a 21 year old Scotch from a distillery with an excellent reputation, this expression is matured in predominantly first fill sherry casks (casks used only to store sherry previously), and it really shows in the colour, nose and palate. The epitome of a high quality sherry cask whisky.

Reason 3 - Glengoyne refer to this as "Christmas cask in a glass", and it truly delivers on that promise. The perfect festive tipple!