Day 25 - Christmas Day "Sixth Dram" Bonanza!

Merry Christmas!

Firstly, a big thank you for tuning in and taking part in 25 Days of Drams if you have followed along this far - we really appreciate it and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Without further ado, we've got a festive finale for you consisting of three of our super-special super-premium "Sixth Drams".

This is an all-cask strength line up of:

  • Berry Bros & Rudd's 20 year old Arran single malt
  • A Whisky Exchange exclusive release of 1992 Glenlossie bottled by Signatory Vintage
  • A special release of cask strength Laphroaig 10 Year Old

(Missed out on 25 Days of Drams? Catch up with our introduction and all the days so far here)

Here's Chris talking about what makes today's drams that extra bit special:

Recap: For each day of the 25 (we're Christmas day drammers here at the Dram Team), I'm going to give a few brief reasons I think each dram is worth your time and attention - which are the same reasons I picked each one to be in our boxes in the first place. And, we're giving away the full set of drams:

Reasons why Chris recommends these whiskies:

Dram 1 - Berry Bros & Rudd's bottlings are all of excellent quality, and this 20 year old drop from Arran (an Island off the West coast of the Scottish Mainland, fairly accessible from Glasgow) is no exception. A great representation of the distillery style, very fruity and sweetly sippable.

Dram 2The folks at The Whisky Exchange seriously know their stuff when it comes to good whiskies, so it is no surprise that all of their exclusive bottlings are of exceptional quality. This 1992 Glenlossie was in the running for Chris' favourite "Sixth Dram" of the year, and explodes with bright fruit on the palate. Delightful!

Dram 3 - Laphroaig is a heavily-sought after producer, and these annual cask strength special releases to their fan club sell out almost as fast as they go online. We were lucky enough to get some via founder Greg Dillon, and it is very clear why it sells out so fast. Wow! A real whopping mouthful, even at just 10ml :-)