Day 22 - Kilkerran 12 Year Old

Weekend wishes!

We're continuing our 12 year old whisky trend with this highly-esteemed dram from Kilkerran, made at Glengyle distillery in Campbeltown.

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Here's Chris talking about what makes today's dram special:

Recap: For each day of the 25 (we're Christmas day drammers here at the Dram Team), I'm going to give a few brief reasons I think each dram is worth your time and attention - which are the same reasons I picked each one to be in our boxes in the first place. And, we're giving away the full set of drams:

Reasons why Chris recommends this whisky:

Reason 1 - It is the distillery equivalent of a raised middle finger to the Scotch whisky authorities, who wanted to demote Campbeltown from its status as an officially recognised Scotch whisky region: This distillery was reopened with the sole aim of preventing this demotion by increasing the number of distilleries in Campbeltown to 3 (the same as the Lowlands region).

Reason 2This is the only expression of Kilkerran available year-round from Glengyle distillery, with the only other releases being intermittent annual specials (like the 8 year old cask strength).