Day 15 - The Big B Bourbon (Bartel's Whisky)

Weekend wishes y'all!

We're continuing the international theme for recent days of our advent calendar with a quick flit across the Atlantic for a taste of Bourbon.

Chris has a sweet spot for Scotch's American cousin, and "The Big B" Bourbon bottled by Bartels Whisky is a stonker.

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Here's Chris explaining how much he loves Bourbon:

Recap: For each day of the 25 (we're Christmas day drammers here at the Dram Team), I'm going to give a few brief reasons I think each dram is worth your time and attention - which are the same reasons I picked each one to be in our boxes in the first place. And, we're giving away the full set of drams:

Reasons why Chris recommends this whisky:

Reason 1 - It's a Bourbon! If you're a hardcore Scotch or single malt drinker, you shouldn't limit yourself - Bourbon can rock your world. Find a good bourbon, and you'll find a new drink to love. Good bourbon comes with oodles of sweet oak and woodiness, with vanilla and caramels. This is partly down to the rules on casks for aging Bourbon in, and Chris likes this story too.

Reason 2 This particular Bourbon is a cracker, and it's also fun that it's a small bottler/cask broker from just outside Loughborough that has made it happen. Something about the contrast involved with the favoured liquor of the big old US of A being bought to us by a small independent business from middle England is very satisfying. Nice one Bartels!