Day 10 - Provenance Mortlach 10 Year Old (Douglas Laing)

Happy Monday once again, Dram-Teamers!

It's Mortlach Monday here at 25 Days of Drams, as we tuck into the treat that is the Mortlach 10 Year Old from Douglas Laing's Provenance range.

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Back to this rather special Mortlach:

Recap: For each day of the 25 (we're Christmas day drammers here at the Dram Team), I'm going to give a few brief reasons I think each dram is worth your time and attention - which are the same reasons I picked each one to be in our boxes in the first place. And, we're giving away the full set of drams:

Reasons why Chris recommends this whisky:

Reason 1 - Mortlach might be the most in-demand distillery going, with its oldest bottlings regularly setting "most expensive whisky ever sold" records at auctions (admittedly, those tend to be over 50 years old!). Nevertheless, Mortlach is special, and has been hard to come by at an affordable price point in recent years.

Reason 2 While Douglas Laing are to be praised for bringing an age-statement Mortlach to the market at a very reasonable price point, their Provenance range is all single cask stuff - and that means there were only 389 bottles of this one going. So, easier to come by than many a Mortlach, but still rather special!

Reason 3 - Mortlach has a great nick name. We're a sucker for fun distillery name translations and the like (see yesterday's post on Glenfarclas), and "Beast of Dufftown" is as good as it gets with whisky nick names. We've not been able to find out how this moniker came to pass - perhaps Mortlach's wickedly complex - beastly, even - distillation regime? If anyone knows, let us know!