#24DaysOfDrams - Our next 12 days of winners!

Happy Christmas Eve Dram-Teamers!

The Dram Team Christmas elves have hung up their boots after a busy festive period, jumped on to Instatwitfacegrammerbook and picked* our next 12 days-worth of  #24DaysOfDrams winners...

There is still one last chance to take part - and today's prize is our limited edition Christmas box!

Since we're hot in pursuit of 1,000 Facebook followers, this last giveaway is a Facebook special - hop over to our page, and help us reach this awesome milestone by tagging your fellow whisky fans and by sharing the post on your timeline.

We'll announce our final batch of winners during betwixtmas, so keep an eye out for our next blog post!

Congratulations once again to our lucky winners so far, and Merry Whiskymas one and all!

Chris, Greg & James (Founders of The Dram Team)

Day 7 winner - Seven drams of Michter's Bourbon - Sas Morse (Facebook)

Day 8 winner - Eight pairs of drams of Canadian Club Sherry Cask - Dododilly, Comentse22J, CupsbogLava, RedChris74, Jambo101975, Turtle_Witactiv, bennesher456, Alex76462 (All Twitter)

Day 9 winner - A bottle of Paul John Edited - Steph Greenlees (Facebook)

Day 10 winner - Two pairs of Nikka from the Barrel drams - Ally Milton (Facebook) and DobermannMum (Twitter)

Day 11 winner - Five single drams of Connemara 12 - Simon Parker (Facebook), sas_bags84 (Instagram), whokilledlola (Twitter), LoveMy4Girlies (Twitter) & LaserObsidian (Twitter)

Day 12 winner - Our "Worldwide Whiskies" box - thewagster1 (Instagram)

Day 13 winner - Two pairs of Creative Whisky Co drams - Fiona Bell & Claire Butler (both Facebook)

Day 14 winner - Two pairs of Douglas Laing Fettercairn drams - Andrew Wallace (Facebook) & shebangsthedrums86 (Instagram)

Day 15 winner - Two pairs of Gleann Mor Cragellachie drams - SanjieB & skuablue1 (both Twitter)

Day 16 winner - A bottle of Hoebeg by Robert Graham - forcepstimulus (Twitter)

Day 17 winner - Two pairs of Boutiquey Whisky Co. Tobermory 21 - Andrew Petrie (Facebook) & alison.booth51 (Instagram)

Day 18 winner - Our "Incredible Indies" box - Falcon_Hertwinn (Twitter)

*How we selected our winners: We list all entrants across all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), then using cunning spreadsheet wizardry, generate random numbers to select each winner. Therefore people who enter on multiple platforms are rewarded with a higher chance of winning, and people who enter each day can win multiple times (if they are particularly jammy!). Winners are checked to ensure they meet the entry conditions (on the email list, liked the relevant pages, retweeted etc, UK based) and then notified.

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Raymond Harvey

Still hopefull I win guys

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